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At Lewis Road, we have set out to create dairy produce the way it’s meant to be.
And that’s the way we intend to keep it.

This website is as simple as our produce! But we hope its sufficient to tell you all you might want to know about us and just as important, it will provide us a way to stay in touch with you.

If you, like us, believe New Zealand should create the world’s best dairy produce, you’re welcome at Lewis Road Creamery where we’re producing the very finest butters, milks and creams.


We’re literally overwhelmed by the response we’ve received to our Chocolate Milk - we had no idea demand would be so great. However, we are not a big corporate with endless machinery and deep pockets. We are a small independent and passionate New Zealand company that’s just finding its feet and believes Kiwis deserve the best dairy produce. We’ve been right so far with our butters and milk and cream, and wildly right with Chocolate Milk.

Our equipment is running at full capacity and we are working around the clock to produce as much Chocolate Milk as we can. We do hope we will be able to source additional equipment to increase supply but it takes time and we won’t do anything that compromises the quality of our product.

Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Chocolate Milk is here to stay so if you can’t find some on your next shop, we’re making it six days a week and there will be more soon.