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Chocolate Orange Pots


200ml Lewis Road Creamery Premium Double Cream
50ml Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Orange Milk
200g 70% dark chocolate, roughly chopped
30ml extra-virgin olive oil, plus extra to serve
1 orange
50g brown sugar
Flaky sea salt, to taste


  • 1

    Gently warm the cream and chocolate orange milk in a pan. Place the chocolate in a heat proof bowl, and once the mixture reaches a simmer, pour it gently over the chocolate.

  • 2

    Allow to sit for one minute, then stir to combine. Gently mix in the olive oil, being careful not to overmix and split the mixture.

  • 3

    Pour into 3-4 small ramekins or bowls and place in the fridge to set.

  • 4

    Squeeze half of the orange into a small pan, add 50ml of water along with the brown sugar.

  • 5

    Take the remaining half of the orange and cut into small chunks, placing into the saucepan.

  • 6

    Over a medium low heat, bring the mixture to a simmer for 10-15 minutes, occasionally spooning the liquid over the orange. Once the liquid has reduced to a syrup-like consistency, remove from heat.

  • 7

    Serve the now set chocolate pots with orange syrup, a small drizzle of olive oil, the caramelised orange, and flaky sea salt to taste.

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