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Bracing for the chill of winter, we find ourselves pining for milk and spice and all things nice!

The rise of the Pleiades star cluster marks the beginning of the Māori new year.   This year, as a nation we’re celebrating Aotearoa’s very first official Matariki public holiday.

 As Kiwis, we love celebrating our own, so here at Lewis Road we’ve decided to mark the occasion with a Limited Release based on the time-honoured, cold weather combo of milk and spice – but with a twist of uniquely Kiwi flavours, just for the month of June.

The arrival of Matariki has always been a sign for people to gather, honour the past and deceased, celebrate the present and plan for the future.  Equally it’s a time for us to pause and reflect on our own place as food producers living and working in harmony with the land.  Matariki reminds us of our responsibility to this Earth, to Papatūānuku, and its fragile envelope of space it sits in.  After all we are at the mercy of the forces and elements, so bringing thanks to our animals, environment, people (past and present) and planet and has become embedded into our own company ethos and we take pleasure in sharing the fruits of our labour with you.

We’re proud to partner with like-minded Iwi owned Pouarua Farms to bring you a deliciously creamy and perfectly balanced taste of sweetness and spice with a unique Kiwi taste.  

 A whole milk naturally bursting with nutritional goodness and all the bounty of our unique whenua – this is something Lewis Road Creamery and Pouarua Farms are proud to be collaborating on. 

Celebrating with an ingredient native to Aotearoa, Horopito brings a spiciness and heat and combines smoothly with the ever popular ginger root, sweet notes of caramel, spices and earthy black pepper – a Winterland of flavour.

Serve chilled, or take home and gently warm for a fabulous cosy drink.

Pouarua Farms are jointly owned by Ngāti Maru, Ngāti PaoaNgāti TamaterāNgāti Tara Tokanui and Te Patukirikiri.

Packaged in our award winning rPET bottles that are also 100% recyclable, the lid too.

A limited release of 40,000 bottles and for the month of June only.   Be in quick for this Matariki Celebration.

Instore launch date:​ 30 May 2022

Limited Release:​ 4-6 weeks.