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Here at Lewis Road Creamery we love nothing more than dreaming up delicious new flavoured milk creations to treat the taste buds of all Kiwis. And our latest flavour doesn’t disappoint. Inspired by the to-die-for dessert Banoffee Pie, our newest flavour combines our fresh white milk with a natural banana puree and a sweet, creamy hit of caramel for a delectable indulgence. The result ~ our all-new Lewis Road Creamery Banoffee Fresh Flavoured Milk ~ the ultimate dessert in a bottle.

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Milk Refillery

At Lewis Road Creamery, we’ve got long memories. Long enough to recall a time when the milk was delivered to your doorstep. When you woke up to the clinking of glass bottles…

At Lewis Road Creamery, one of our long time goals has been to make our milk available to New Zealanders in glass bottles. We are glad to say that our journey towards glass has begun! Having teamed up the The Glass Bottle Milk Co., we've been able to install our new Milk Refillery stations in Farro Fresh stores across Auckland (to find a store near you, click here). Here, you'll be able to pick up a 1L glass bottle (for a one-time price of $4) that is yours to keep and refill with our organic whole milk (RRP $4 a litre). Simply pick one up next time you are in store, fill, use, rinse, repeat!

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All the new glass bottles ready for purchase at the refill stations are sanitised before becoming ready for sale and use, so you can use them straight away. The refill machines are sanitised daily, and the milk nozzle in the machines is cleaned throughout the day. When you are at home and have finished your milk, all you need to do is pop your bottle in the dishwasher or wash in hot soapy water, then you are ready to roll when you come back to Farros to refill again! This is just the beginning of our plan to make our Milk Refilleries available nationwide, so watch this space, Roadies, as we hope to roll this initiative out across the country. For now, here’s a little more info about how it works:

Refill Station

How It Works

Lewis Road Creamery | Milk Refillery


Find your way to the refill station at any of the Farro stores mentioned. Grab a new glass bottle and fill it up!

Lewis Road Creamery | Milk Refillery


Take your little home and enjoy your delicious organic milk!

Lewis Road Creamery | Milk Refillery


Either hand wash your bottle thoroughly or pop it through the dishwasher and put it with your reusable shopping bags for your text shop.

Lewis Road Creamery | Milk Refillery


Take your little home and enjoy your delicious organic milk!

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