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Alcoholic Drinks

Our Liqueur

Welcome to the Night Creamery and our evening indulgence, Chocolate Cream Liqueur. Adults only.

New Zealand is famous for its dairy products and its authentic Kiwi ingenuity. To celebrate, we thought we would create the perfect blend of rich cream and real chocolate with a delicious touch of premium spirits for a truly adult treat. Shake things up and enjoy the new cream of the cocktail list tonight.


Summer in a bottle

Introducing the first members of our Lewis Road Orchard family, Premium Apple Ciders. Made with the finest certified-organic apples from Bostock’s orchards in the sunshine-filled Hawke’s Bay, these crisp, refreshing ciders come in three varietals: Premium Apple Cider with Orange, Premium Apple Cider with extra Apple and Premium Apple Cider with Peach. With a fresh botanical scent on the nose, a delicate sparkle and a crisp, dry taste that is not overly sweet or acidic it delivers the very essence of what we set out to capture~ summer in a bottle.