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We Are A Creamery After All

So, the first question you might want to ask is what kind of cream does a creamery produce? The answer is exactly as you’d hope. The very best (whoops, did we say that?). 

We're very excited to introduce the newest member of our Lewis Road family... Fresh & Natural Sour Cream.

Made with just two simple ingredients, and a little time. So, why not try sour cream the way that it should be. 

Fresh Flavoured Milks

Lewis Road Creamery fresh flavoured milks are the perfect marriage of the best quality ingredients and our Premium Whole Milk. Our family consists of Chocolate Milk with Whittaker’s 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk Chocolate, Double Espresso Milk, Fresh Caramel and Butterscotch Milk, Fresh Strawberries & Cream Milk made from real, New Zealand strawberries and Mochaccino Milk which is the perfect blend of our fresh Chocolate Milk with Whittaker's and Colombian coffee. Once again, the recipe is laughably simple: use only the very best ingredients.

New Zealand's Best Butter

We certainly think so. And so do the judges apparently! Four of our Premium Butters recently took out Gold Medals in the butter categories of the Champions of Cheese Awards 2019. Our Premium Butters are blended to our specifications to better the best European butters. The secret to wonderful butter lies in our pure fresh cream, the culture, and the curing process giving it a velvety taste like no other. Our Premium Butter range is made up of Lightly Salted, Sea Salt Crystals and Unsalted and you’ll find each slab wrapped in foil to keep it at its absolute finest. We're also delighted to introduce you to the most recent addition to our Butter range - our Spreadable, enjoy soft spreadable deliciousness straight from the fridge. Happy buttering!

The Milk of Milks

At Lewis Road, we’ve got long memories. Long enough to recall a time when the milk was delivered to your doorstep. When you woke up to the clinking of glass bottles, and when there was a daily argument over who got to peel off the foil lid and help themselves to the delicious, thick cream that settled at the top. It was from those memories that Lewis Road Milk was created.

Our range includes our fresh Organic Milk, Gold Top™ with our friends at Jersey Girl Organics and now our new range of Jersey Milks, naturally creamy with a full bodied taste, high in calcium & with absolutely no PKE or permeate. Jerseys are famous for their drinking milk and we think it’ll be NZ’s favourite.

The Creamiest Ice Cream

Our journey to create the world’s best ice cream did not end when we launched our first range of premium ice creams three years ago.  In fact, it was just the beginning. Since then, the category has evolved and so have we. Today, we’re chuffed to introduce our sensational new super scoopable, Super Premium ice cream range. With an all new ultra-creamy ice cream base, supremely smooth mouthfeel, not too much air or ice, and just the right amount of decadence, we believe we’ve created a world-best recipe. Our five new Super Premium flavours include THREE VANILLAS, BURNT BUTTER & CARAMEL SWIRL, DOUBLE MINT & CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE WITH GANACHE, DARK CHOCOLATE NOIR WITH RASPBERRY RIBONNETTE.

Handmade Artisan Ice Cream

In addition to our Premium Ice Cream range we are excited to introduce our hand made Artisan Ice Cream. Botanical flavours, made in small batches with a special recipe and traditional churn method that creates a texture and flavour you would fly around the world for. Rose is the first flavour off the ranks and is available in select food stores.

Available in a stunning gold striped 470ml tub that is perfect for a dinner party dessert. See our stockists page to find one closest to you.