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We’ve created a bread that’s every bit as good as our butter

We decided to make a loaf of bread the way we remembered bread to be back in the day....only better. So we created a recipe that means we steep our grains overnight for natural fermentation. Our grain is kibble cut, so it retains more of its natural goodness as well as creating a moister, fresher texture. We haven’t skimped on the grains either, with triple the grains. Baked daily so you can enjoy it fresh right down the last crumb. So now we’ve got the perfect bread for our butter!

Goodness in a bottle

Introducing our new Breakfast Drinks perfect on-the-go option for any occasion. Our new goodness in a bottle is full of exactly that, goodness. Packed with protein, fibre rich they really are the perfect wholesome snack for anytime, from the gym bag, the school bag, in the morning traffic or in your desk drawer. In rich chocolate or creamy vanilla we're excited for you to try our goodness in a bottle. And goodness, it's delicious too.