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Breakfast Drinks

Product Ingredients

From the horse's mouth

On 6th Feb 2018, we discovered an inaccuracy with our Breakfast Drinks label.  We have mistakenly understated the sugar content in our nutritional information by including added sugars only, not the sugar that naturally occurs in milk (lactose).


We are really sorry for this genuine error and we have made the call to voluntarily remove our Breakfast Drinks from supermarket shelves today so we can re-label them correctly.  Please note, this is not a food safety issue. We hope to have labels reprinted and bottles back on shelves in the next couple of weeks.


To confirm, our latest test results show that the total sugar per 100ml of our chocolate Breakfast Drink is 8.91 grams.  Of that 5.98 grams is lactose which is a naturally occurring sugar in the milk and 2.93 grams is added low GI cane sugar.   


For our vanilla Breakfast Drink, our latest testing shows that the total sugar per 100ml is 8.30 grams. Of that, 5.57 grams is lactose and 2.73 grams is added low GI cane sugar.  We are currently undertaking further independent testing to triple check the sugar content.


Our Breakfast Drinks remain high in protein and fibre and we have been heartened by the overwhelming response to what we believe is a great little product made right here in NZ. Thanks so much for all your on-going support, it means a lot to the small team here at Lewis Road and we will keep you updated through the process.


If you have any further questions please feel free to email us at

Our Breakfast Drinks Story

It started with a discussion about breakfast and breakfast drinks.


The breakfast drink category has grown in leaps and bounds over recent years, with on-the-go products becoming a part of the daily ritual. Not just at breakfast but whenever a quick and relatively wholesome snack is required.


Back in the day, breakfasts were part of the daily ritual. An occasion in their own right.

Now, breakfast is as likely to be had on the run as sitting down.

Breakfasts are a function, not an occasion.

They are an important part of our diet in that they provide the energy required to start the day ahead. 


Breakfast is about convenience and nutrition and breakfast drinks provide both. They have become a part of the daily ritual whenever a quick and relatively wholesome snack is required.


One of the team raised an obvious question. Why don’t we make a Breakfast Drink? Only better?

One that was seriously good for you, tasted great and conveniently, didn’t need to be kept chilled before it was opened?


Good question we thought. How hard could it be?


A smidge harder than we thought as it turns out, but where there’s a will there’s a way.


All our milk products are pasteurised, but the breakfast drink category uses ultra-pasteurised milk. This is a form of pasteurisation that means the product isn’t affected by temperature changes, so there is no need to keep the product refrigerated prior to opening. So, it’s really convenient when convenience is called for. You can pack it away in a school bag, gym bag, desk drawer – wherever. It’s potentially the perfect convenience product.


We wanted to create the convenience of an ‘on the go’ breakfast/snack drink with the quality of ingredients and great taste that’s synonymous with Lewis Road Creamery. Unlike our fresh milk products, the benefits of ultra-pasteurisation can only be delivered through technology which is not the sort of thing that’s sitting on the kitchen bench. 


We worked with Massey’s pilot plant equipment to perfect the ideal breakfast drink, one that lives up to its name, ‘goodness in a bottle’. This was no overnight project but rather months and months of refinement to get exactly what we wanted.


We’ve created a range of flavours, starting with two of our favourites, Chocolate and Vanilla.


We’ve all lived with the experience of cardboard box packs where, with an injudicious squeeze, the drink erupts everywhere!

We decided on a small bottle instead.

We think it looks as inviting as the goodness inside. It’s definitely part of the family but distinctive, too.


And talking of goodness, that’s what’s in every bottle.

We set out to create the best possible breakfast drink, milk based and full of goodies.


The result, a premium breakfast drink made with all-natural ingredients. A meal on-the-go needs to provide us with all the goodness of an actual meal, it needs to be a good source of protein and packed with dietary fibre. Speaking of fibre, we use a vegetable-based fibre which, like all our other ingredients, is GMO free. Naturally, a meal on the go will be a good source of calcium and will provide us with the perfect amount of core vitamin and minerals required to contribute our RDI – ultimately providing all the goodness of breakfast, in a bottle.  Good news, ours does.


And the taste? Well, it’s amazing how good a drink can taste when you use the best quality ingredients. It is unlike any other breakfast drink product you will have tried.


So, we invite you to try our Goodness in a Bottle, a breakfast drink as it should be and perfect for any all those “tummy filler” occasions.