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Our Letters

Bold Bread

Hi Team.

Firstly, a roaring round of applause for launching our gorgeous Premium Kibbled Grain Bread this week!

Together, everyone has been going above and beyond to make sure our first foray out of the chiller is a courageous one. Those fresh loaves smell, look, and taste of bold success, and they outshine all others on our stands. 

We are being inundated by raving reviews, and, no joke - multiple mentions of, "It's like Vogel's... But better!"

Brilliant work, team!

 I'll leave you with a few words from Churchill while you munch on some warm, toasted Lewis Road Bakery bread with lashings of velvety, melted butter. (Well now I'm craving another slice...)

 "To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often."

 The fridge, oven, kitchen pantry, farmers market, supermarket shelf, farm, world; is what we think of it. So let's think of it differently and keep rocking the boat.