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Our Letters

Twists and Turns

Well hello Team!

I have to say it’s fabulous to be back in the thick of New Zealand humidity and most of all to see your fantastic selves.

I dearly missed buzzing within the energy of our team and the dynamism that only Lewis Road Creamery brings to the table. And yes, you caught me butterknife-handed, I missed our butter! I became the ultimate butter fiend in the States and tried every cultured butter I could get my hands on. None held a candle - nay, even a spark! - to ours.

Our marvellous Ice Cream is peeking around the weekend’s corner and every single person has been pulling ten times their tub’s worth of weight. Talk about magnificent teamwork. New Zealanders have no idea what their taste buds are in for, all thanks to your hard work and brilliance!

A nugget I’ve held onto after a wild adventure of trying to make it safely to NZ across three countries and in the thick of a monster blizzard is that your plans never happen the way you intend them to, but the way life plays out is worth the twists and turns.

I’ll send you off to your long weekend with a quote by one of my good ol’ yankee kin, Thomas Jefferson.

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.

Happy scrumming.

lrc scribble