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Upside Down

Happy Friday, Team.

I was working in southern Italy a few hot summers ago, helping run and teach at an educational camp on the coast of Bari whilst at the same time trying to keep a boisterous, enthusiastic, crazy hoard of Italians working there in line as well.

It was one of the most unorganised environments I’ve ever worked in. And, one of the most fun. (Bottomless wine and homemade pasta for days, who could complain?)

Even as a stickler for orderliness and with a knack for bossing younger brothers twice my size around for quite a few years, I was unprepared for how chaotic of a jungle I was plunked in the thick of.

You know what I eventually learned? To let go. To be flexible, to adapt with any direction the orderly disarray took me. It always sounds simple on paper but takes trial & failure to accomplish in practice. 

Embracing a balanced chaos tests your optimism. Be realistic about the world and be confident in your abilities. Be the rockstar on stage yet observe the crowd truthfully.

Maintain a strong Lewis Road compass (as in, know when the bell needs to be rung), because our core fundamentals strengthen during times we are tested, both individually and as a company.

If for no other reason, we should learn to train the mind for the unexpected, for those inevitable moments when life is turned upside down.'

Keep on lifelong learning.

lrc door