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Dream to Improvise

Hi Team,

Small causes can have big effects. 

Did you know that “I have a dream” was left off the script? One of the most iconic lines in history almost never happened. Actually, it was actively encouraged not to be uttered out loud at all. 

Working up until 

“I have a dream” was a mid-speech strike of extemporaneous inspiration, of passion bubbling to surface at an opportune moment. Of reading the energy of the crowd and feeling the need for momentum.

Take advantage of your freedom to improvise. 

Our biggest regrets in life are not our actions, but our inactions. When Goliath looms his ugly head, remember that David has power in places the giant cannot reach or is too thick to tap.

People are important, and attitude is everything. One little act, may it be of determination, generosity, or honesty, can have powerful and rippling effects. A small gesture holds the ability to shape meaning in others' eyes. 

Be headstrong, proactive, have faith in what you do, and change will happen. It may be a small pebble, but a ripple reaches all edges of the lake. And a ripple is the seed of a tidal wave. 

Recognise the value in everything you do. Keep at it. Keep improving. Keep improvising.