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Our Letters


Happy Monday, Team. 

I’m sitting here at home with two open, half-demolished tubs of ice cream in front of me. Hokey Pokey stalwart on my left, and Rose winking on my right. They are just so darn good. Trusty mates at this hour. 

Each spoonful carries its own story. This sweet, creamy bliss, this rich midnight banquet, this sugary happiness that unlocks a certain exemption from reality… well there’s our adventure churned behind every spoonful. The effort and buoyancy that every person on our team contributed to dreaming of, developing, selling, and distributing the tubs that sit proudly on shelf (and now on my table) make each mouthful smack of spirit. Who knew elbow grease could taste so good?

Dairy should always be this wonderful, truly.  

We believe in wonderful. We go back to the basics and that’s where people think we’ll stay. 

Check it. We have other plans. Instead, we bring the storytelling of our mission and our products to life. Our marrow is to innovate, to shake it up, to set the new precedent of quality, and of departure from rusty tradition. Sometimes you are too close to see it, but no matter what form it takes, be confident it’s there.

In everything you do, you do it a little differently than everyone else. A little better each time. You have the tools, the team behind you, and the brain to think about an unaccustomed test as a blank slate to make your mark on. The success of Double Caramel owes its thanks to the terrific work of an outstanding team. And you know what? It’s only another beginning. 

'When the story becomes an ingrained element of an enterprise’s culture, the culture functions like a well-oiled engine.'

Remember, everyone. Our brilliant work, fantastic successes… this isn’t the limit.

There is always more to be achieved, always more to try, and fail, and try, and overcome.  You never realise the depth of your resilience and breadth of your abilities until you’re able to polish off two entire tubs of ice cream in one sitting. (Just kidding, I haven’t done this. Yet.)

The core ideas from which Lewis Road stems should be kept alive in everything we do. We have a ridiculously amazing story to tell, that people adore, and we’re not anywhere near the final chapter.

I continue to be amazed at your work.