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“To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone.” 

How true! You've gotta go after what you want, you’ve gotta have grit, and you really shouldn’t take yourself too seriously & take things too personally.

I’m proud of our team’s backbone. We make up a solution-oriented group of strong voices.

You build up a solid backbone over time, and I think any backbone would be quite brittle without those other two elements - ‘a wishbone and a funnybone’. These attributes are muscles that need to be exercised, to be stretched and flexed and developed. 

You may take some hits at times, but bone bruises only heal stronger. 

Last night I dog-eared a page in my book when a line stood out to me. One character told a few others, 

You can come behind the curtain… it’s only there for the ignorant.

Not everyone, like these book characters, has the luxury of being explicitly told to ignore the rules. Most of us have to figure it out for ourselves. 

There are always people who will hang heavy obscuring curtains, who will build monstrous walls.. but there are also those with strong backbones worthy of breaking them down.

Obstacles - no matter how big or small - only limit those who inwardly believe they don’t deserve to know what’s on the other side… or who are scared to see what’s behind it. Possibly intimidated by the limitless quality of their own potential.

Thank goodness we are well-versed in taking on challenges! I’m going to call us a team of ‘Dorothy’s' (switching curtain metaphors here) - with the courage to take on mountains that no one has ever climbed before, the heart to pursue what we think is right (or delicious), and the character to push ourselves to reach our wonderful potential - all with the exceptional support of our #LewisRoadSquad. 

Fortify your strong backbones when others try to tell you to ignore the man behind the curtain. Stay awake! (But get some rest too, please…)

It was absolutely wonderful to see everyone together earlier this week - refreshed, energised, and ready for what 2017 will bring. (It has brought quite a lot already!)

Remember, you have a lot to offer. And you have a brilliant platform to show off whatcha got. 

Keep at it, team. Pride yourself on your gutsy backbone, wishbones, funnybones! You are your strongest asset. Take care to nurture your master strokes, and stay interested in the world around you. There may be a curtain somewhere you initially thought was impassable.