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Our Letters


Hope this little something tickles you Artisan Rose pink. 


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Here's a wee Valentine's

Ditty for you. 

Belated it is,

As the 14th was Tues,

But who cares! Any reason

To sip on chocolatey booze. 

(Hope my partner doesn't care

That this date I've confused)

I just wanted to spread

The #LewisRoadLove

And raise my glass to you all

For going beyond & above. 

Egads! By Cupid,

It's been a big week. 

A few plates in the air,

A few "shit!"s and "eek!"s

At the end of the day,

(And into the night)

We keep working at it.

We fight the fab fight. 

Progress results from

Working together,

Never assuming

That all is fair weather. 

Besides, how fun would

That be at all? No details

To hone, never learning

From the falls?

Recall Winston's words,

Want perfect? Change often. 

(And tell yourself this when

Caps are on the brain)

Our resolve doesn't soften!

New Zealand has nothing

But love! for our brand.

So let's share it round,

Give back to north & southland. 

All of the wonderful products on deck,

As ideas on paper or as samples to check,

Clearly show the love of a group

Who have passionately, relentlessly

Persisted on through. 

When you love your work

And put all into the 'doing',

You become the difference;

Create a spark worth pursuing. 

Our quality products

Come from quality hearts

That beat to the rhythm

Of producing works of art!

So this Valentine's weekend,

I drink (Liqueur) to your health

And to us keepin' on moving, after all -

Momentum is true wealth. 




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