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Lewis Road Creamery NZ | Madness we thought...

Madness we thought...

That here in New Zealand, a country which doubles as any self-respecting dairy cow’s dream home with its endless rolling green hills, we were importing butters all the way from…Europe! Absolute madness. Surely the country making the world’s best dairy produce, had to be the one given the greatest head-start by mother nature.

Why choose Jersey milk?

It's long been our dream to get back to a single breed milk so on World Milk Day 2019, we announced our first single breed Jersey Milk which is fast becoming a New Zealand favourite. Our Jersey Milk is made by the friendliest cows around, Jerseys. Not only are they the most charming of cow breeds, they also produce a milk that is naturally creamier, giving it a full bodied taste. What's more, it's a good source of calcium with no permeate making it both naturally delicious and full of goodness. 

Lewis Road Creamery NZ | Milk NZ

In 2018 Lewis Road Creamery was proud to be the first milk producer to sign the New Zealand Packaging Declaration, committing to 100% of our packaging being recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025 or earlier. Our first act on this mission was to make sure there was no new plastic used in the creation of all of our white milk, flavoured milk & cream bottles.

Love from our


"We have just had the boysenberry and ROSE omg!!! Velvet texture... subtle rose flavour like healthy Turkish Delight!"

Billie Holiday

"BEST. BUTTER. EVER. Lewis Road Creamery is hands down the best butter I have ever baked with, cooked with, or slathered shamelessly on anything and everything!"


"I like opening my fridge and seeing it — a calm aesthetic of goodness and nothing but goodness."

Louise Bentley

"It tastes just like milk and still has that delicious creamy aftertaste! You've made a poor lactose intolerant woman the happiest she's been in a while."

Website Roadie

"I can fairly say your company makes the BEST milk... takes me back to my childhood days."