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Lewis Road Creamery NZ | Chocolate Orange

Chocolate Orange

Our Chocolate milk has been given the twist you’ve all been asking for – INTRODUCING our NEW Chocolate Orange flavoured milk.

Made from whole milk, Whittaker’s 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk Chocolate and Valencia orange flavour extract, it’s two flavours with one unforgettable experience.

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Why choose our milk?

At Lewis Road Creamery, we’ve got long memories. Long enough to recall a time when the milk was delivered to your doorstep. When you woke up to the clinking of glass bottles, and when there was a daily argument over who got to peel off the foil lid and help themselves to the delicious, thick cream that settled at the top. It was from those memories that our milk was created. Today, we have a range of milks – from dreamy to creamy, from tummy friendly to planet conscious, we’ve been on a journey to bring you the very best range of milks – so you can enjoy it your way, every time.

Love from our


"We have just had the boysenberry and ROSE omg!!! Velvet texture... subtle rose flavour like healthy Turkish Delight!"

Billie Holiday

"BEST. BUTTER. EVER. Lewis Road Creamery is hands down the best butter I have ever baked with, cooked with, or slathered shamelessly on anything and everything!"


"I like opening my fridge and seeing it — a calm aesthetic of goodness and nothing but goodness."

Louise Bentley

"It tastes just like milk and still has that delicious creamy aftertaste! You've made a poor lactose intolerant woman the happiest she's been in a while."

Website Roadie

"I can fairly say your company makes the BEST milk... takes me back to my childhood days."