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Want to know more about Lewis Road Creamery? Here are some FAQ's that might be able to answer your question.

Where do you get your milk from?

Core to our business is dairy and the core to dairy is the milk we use. We have two key partners here, Green Valley Dairies, an independently owned bottler who have their own farms which provides a substantial quantity of our milk and the Organic Dairy Hub, a group of farmers who have formed a co-op to foster the growth of organic milk. Lewis Road Creamery and GVD have been foundation partners of the Organic Dairy Hub.

How do I find out what to cook/ bake with Lewis Road Creamery products?

Great question! Visit our Recipes page on our website to get some inspiration in the kitchen!

Do you have any lactose free products?

We currently range a lactose free milk in a 750ml bottle, which has the same full bodied flavour and smooth silky texture… without the lactose!

Can I freeze Lewis Road Creamery products?

Yes, you can freeze our white milk! Here are some tips and tricks for perfecting the freeze:

1. As soon as you purchase the milk, store vertically in the freezer and leave some space on each side for expansion.

2. Try to keep the it away from anything strong-smelling as milk can absorb flavours (sausage flavoured milk isn't coming to a supermarket near you anytime soon!).

3. You can freeze it for up to 3-6 months (no longer).

4. The thawing process is very important! Don’t leave it out in the sun or just in the sink, the best way is to stand upon a plate in the refrigerator, and it could take about two days to be ready.

5. You might see some colour and texture changes, especially in our full fat milk but this is normal after freezing.

6. Drink and use within two to three days!

Are Lewis Road Creamery products gluten free?

All White Milk - Yes

All Flavoured Milk - Yes

All Premium Butter - Yes

Sour Cream/ Cream - Yes

Ice Cream - send us a message with which flavour you are interested in and we will let you know!

Yoghurt - send us a message with which flavour you are interested in and we will let you know!