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Want to know more about Lewis Road Creamery? Here are some FAQ's that might be able to answer your question.

Why do you not use glass milk bottles?

We would love to produce our whole milk range in glass bottles, however at this stage there is a ‘no glass’ policy in the factories our milk is bottled in. We are always looking into alternative opportunities and are proud to have our Milk Refill stations across all Farro stores in Auckland! To find out more click here.

Is the milk refillery available outside of Auckland?

At the moment our Refill Stations are only available in Farro Fresh stores across Auckland but watch this space as this is just the beginning of our plan to take our refill stations nationwide! To find out more visit our Milk Refillery page.

What is rPET?

rPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate and is plastic that has already been used for packaging that is recycled and repurposed into new packaging. rPET plastic is produced from recycled plastic which means no new plastic is being created and it can also be continually recycled. All of our white milk, flavoured milk and cream bottles are now in rPET bottles nationwide!

What is the 10 Star Program – “10 Star Certified Values”?

The 10 Star program is an independent certified program overseen by Asure Quality in New Zealand. Having an unbiased, independent and reputational entity stringently hold the program to account only makes it more robust and authentic.