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Auckland Is Getting A Lewis Road Creamery Degustation!

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Auckland Is Getting A Lewis Road Creamery Degustation! | Lewis Road Creamery NZ

Us Urban Listers sure do luuurve a good degustation. Truth be told, we love any activity that involves stuffing our faces. That’s why when we found out there’s a legit degustation dedicated to Lewis Road Creamery and their faaabulous goodies we—quite simply, lost our shit.  

That’s right fellow food-loving Aucklanders, Lewis Road Creamery have power-coupled up with Hundred Acre Food and together are bringing an entire dessert degustation our way for our eating pleasure!

This will by far beat our 1am Tim-Tam-and-icecream-on-the-kitchen-floor-food-athons.

On for two nights only, aaaall the creamy, dreamy, decadent Lewis Road goodness can be all up in your tummy for $39 a pop

Now, just what exactly can you expect from this delish-a-thon? Three whole courses of pure yumminess, that’s what.

There’s a decadent churro, choccy mousse, ice cream, salted caramel and sponge cake concoction to get your mouth thoroughly watering. As well as that, a magical fairy floss and rose ice-cream dish is thrown in the mix. Sweet tooth tingling yet?

And, if you haven’t quite dreamed yourself into a food coma enough, then you’ll be stoked to know they’ve whipped up a very special cookie paired with—you guessed it—Lewis Road’s signature velvety milk!

Tickets are super duper limited to get in quick. Get your spoons and dessert stomachs at the ready, this is gonna be a goodie!

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