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Three Vanillas

Three Vanillas

No we haven’t joined some sort of vanilla arms race. We actually started out with just one, the gold star of Vanillas – Madagascan. But we felt we could do more, so we added hints of more aromatic Vanillas, Tongan and Tahitian. These two, beside the hero Madagascan with its typical bourbon vanilla style notes opened the door to vanilla heaven. Which is ironic, because it is to die for.

Firstly we acknowledge you must have great taste to land here, … and secondly, bound to enjoy our creamy ice cream infused with the delicious blend of Tahitian, Madagascan and Tongan Vanillas.  

If so, we’re on the same page … why stop at one when you can have all three!   

We have loads of good news and, we’re sorry to say, a predicament in our midst that we unfortunately find ourselves in.  

We’re working hard to keep the shelves stocked with our three vanilla ice cream, but packaging logistics and holdups abroad are making this a tricky beast to tame under the current circumstances.  We’re sad to say you might not see this deliciously good flavour as much as you’d like over the next few weeks. 

But don’t despair, there’s a silver lining. The good news is, this gives you one big, wicked decadent reason to try some of our other fabulously indulgent flavours. Winter puddings are soon upon us, the likes of sticky date pudding are about to grace the entertainers table and pairs so nicely with our Burnt Butter & Caramel Swirl ice cream.  Oh, but there’s also Chocolate Ganache for those cosy moments watching Netflix, and the refreshing cool and chocolatey flavours of Mint & Dark chocolate, a favourite with many.  

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re working hard to bring you new flavours that won’t disappoint. Trust us, 3 Vanilla’s will be back so have some fun seizing the opportunity to live dangerously with the full Lewis Road Creamery Ice Cream range.



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Nutritional Information - Per 100ml
  • Energy 1030kJ
  • Protein 3.4g
  • Fat - Total 16.7g
  • - Saturated 11.1g
  • Carbohydrate 25.2g
  • - Sugars 22.5g
  • Sodium 46mg

Milk, Cream, Lemon Curd Ripple (10%) [sugar, lemon juice (20%, reconstituted), glucose syrup, water, butter (milk), thickeners (guar, carrageenan, xanthan), natural flavours, salt, milk solids, colour (beta carotene)], Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Skim Milk Powder, Gin Botanicals flavours & extracts (0.5%), (Emulsifiers (propylene glycol monostearate, mono-di-glycerides of fatty acids), Stabilisers (guar locust bean gum, sodium alginate, carrageenan, tara). Milk Fat: 16% minimum. Contains Milk.