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Our Letters

Moving is Living

Hi Team. 


Now's a time when we're all in the thick of it. Everyone's been both working hard and overly hardworking. I think there's no better moment to stoke some Creamery camaraderie into the fire. 


A character waltzed into global headquarters today, 'Jacks', as he's called, from Dr. Feelgood's popsicles. He came bearing so many pops that our freezer may burst. He proudly told us he grows the mint in the pops in his own backyard. From his outward zeal you'd never guess that six weeks ago, he experienced a serious heart attack. It only goes to prove that when you're gifted life, you've gotta run with it. 


A quote I hold dear is, "The slower we move, the faster we die. Make no mistake, moving is living."


Well, Lewis Road Creamery is certainly on the move, blazing new roads throughout NZ to create bigger and better things every second and tackling challenges as a hobby. And each and every one of us is an integral cog in our team machine!


Keep at it, and well done everyone.