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Our Letters

Lift Up

Hi Team.

I want to say well done on a great week so far. (From the Bali office too.)

Success is hard work. We would know, eh?

We all know there comes a point when hard work and tireless diligence become aimless. You keep hitting a wall and it’s not doin' a Berlin and coming down. The thing about achieving success is that you can’t only work hard, you must work different. An attribute I believe is inherent in all of us here at Lewis Road.

Did you know that someone once moved the entire city of Chicago? Yes, the entire city. 

In the 1800’s, Chicago was plagued by deadly epidemics due to its dirty, filthy sewage problem. Dozens of people died every day. Not a great place to live, to be honest, having sewage as your backyard scenery…

Ellis Chesbrough, a railway engineer, strove to solve Chicago’s sewage problem. The only challenge was that the technology to dig underneath the roads to install sewer pipes did not exist yet.

So, instead, he thought - 

If you can’t dig down… why not lift up?

And he did.

What I love about Lewis Road is the fact that we don’t just think outside the box. We are bringing to life the box the way it should be.

Keep making the impossible possible.

p.s. If you’re interested in a history lesson, check out 0:55 here.