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Our Letters

Extraordinary Ice Cream

Happy Friday Team.

An enormous round of applause for successfully launching and lifting LRC Ice Cream above and beyond our expectations. Rave reviews have been flowing in from all corners of New Zealand like melted Artisan Rose left in a hot car. 

Check out a handful of Roadie reviews:

“Tried them all, and [they’re] one of the best ice creams in the world.”

“The Hokey Pokey is rich but not too rich, not too sweet, and the hokey pokey texture was bang on.  We haven't had ice cream for ages because we couldn't find a nice one but I'm picking yours will be featuring in our shopping basket pretty regularly."

“Talk about heaven in a carton.” and “Heaven in a cone."

“As soon as I put this in my mouth it took me back to my childhood. It tastes just like ice cream used to taste and I’ve fallen in love with it.”

           And for a chuckle..

“Went down to Carterton New World and oh hell, a sight for sore eyes was laid upon me - this yummy ice cream! The Chocolate one wet my whistle but the Hokey Pokey killed the fire that has burned since summer. Bless you Lewis Road Creamery, bless you saviours of summer."

Balancing multiple spinning plates is a challenging feat but massively rewarding and always worth it. So, practice spinning. Practice balancing.

Your practice breeds progress, and a notion worth repeating to yourself is that the first time is never a charm - it’s a step in your forward march. Revel in that feeling of a meaty day’s work and taste that sweet, exquisite pride of bringing our outstanding products to life. "Get to the heart of what needs to be achieved but make sure the heart is still beating."

If you don’t risk the unusual, you’ll never escape the ordinary. And none of you are ordinary. Remember that. 

An ice-cream-cone-cheers to you all.