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Our Letters


Hi Team,

As an abundance of exciting new projects lie on the horizon, we have a lot to be excited about and a lot to work hard towards together. I know of no better team equipped to tackle the challenges that are bound to arise with each new Lewis Road innovation! Remember, we are breaking boundaries, people.

There are two types of inertia. Bodies in motion stay in motion, and bodies at rest stay at rest.

In order to keep your wheels spinning smoothly, let go of resistance. Moving is living, and boy are we alive. Detach from the extraneous and recognise how you can rise to the occasion.

Have confidence in your abilities to keep moving forwards… not only because you can, but because it’s in fact the only option! May as well take the lead among competitors who adamantly stand still.

I have an assignment for you. First, write down ten things that seem impossible to you.

Now, I want you to go through that list one by one, and using all expanses of your imagination and creative prowess, think of a way that you have the power to make it possible. They initially might sound like ridiculous daydreams - but in fact, the solution could be waiting beneath a pretext of madness. The craziest ideas reveal unorthodox pathways to reach your goal.

Maybe you’ll revisit this list in a few months, or even years later with a new perspective, and you’ll realise that you are indeed able to achieve. 

If you go that one step further and convert the impossible to the possible (which I know you can)… sometimes, you will fail at first. Sometimes, it will seem crazy that you thought it even possible in the first place. But don’t allow yourself to get stuck in this mindset. It’s only temporary.

Sometimes you strike out, and right afterwards you hit a home run. We all possess the grit to keep swinging no matter what gets hurled at us. Eventually your successes build, along with the confidence and expertise of new, refined skills and techniques to execute a calculated, and brilliant, home run. (Watch out Barry Bonds!)

Bring your A game.