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Get Building

A friend of mine loves to quote ‘Field of Dreams’.

If you build it, he will come. 

Potential can sit there, unnoticed, forever. There’s an endless amount of untapped energy in the universe. In all different forms. It’s up to you to pay attention, capitalise on, and if you truly believe you can work hard to create something incredible - demand will follow.

That classic quote reminded me of something Peter said in an interview about starting up Lewis Road: 

“It wasn’t on the back of a business plan or identifying a market niche or consumer need, it was more a sense of, well, if you build a better product people will come to it."

Trust your gut, get it done. No matter what happens, good will come from doing your best and giving it your all. The golden opportunities are endless! You know why? Because there are no rules.


PS - Potential to be inspired lies in another quote, attached. Now, to unlock the potential of a bottle of wine! Have a brilliant evening everyone.

lrc fear