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Just Keep Going

It’s been an exhilarating few weeks. The days fly by (fuelled by Coffee Milk here at #GlobalHQ) and they blur into one brilliant, wild ride that keeps getting better and better.

Our Coffee Milk competition is fabulously Samba-ing off the block and Strawberry is eagerly peeking around the corner. Energy is high and with good reason - we have a ridiculously good-looking line up of products coming up, and a team sent from the stars. I know the rest of 2016 is going to be a ripper.

Tonight we heard from our very first two Coffee Milk winners! (And it WASN’T Claire prank calling me, hoping to sneak in a win.) Also, today we have posted a Strawberry “teaser” to our Roadies on social media, calling all summer lovers to be in to win a first taste of our new surprise flavour. It’s all a go!

I was just reading an interview on The Atlantic with a centenarian in which she bestows her life advice to us youngins. The interviewer asked what advice she has on how to live a full life. And Marian, at a sprightly 101 years of age, said,

'Just keep going.

Just go ahead and do your thing no matter what.'

It doesn’t matter what challenges we encounter on the path ahead because we are fully apt to keep up the momentum, together. We stand tall, because we believe in pursuing quality over quantity, revenue before cost, and above all, respect.

If you were seven feet tall, and some bully kept making fun of you for being short, would you care? You’d most likely be a bit confused. But you’d unconcernedly swat the comments away and continue doing what you’re doing, living your life. Forgetting the trivial insults because you know for a fact they can’t touch you.

That is how we must behave, no matter what height we are. Pushing forward and ignoring the gnats. You are your confidence, so bring the bravery & beliefs to the table. You are, seven feet tall. So act like it.