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'Twas the night before Chocolate Butter…

And all through New Zealand

Kiwis peacefully sleep,

Unaware of the deliciousness we have planned!

Chocolate Butter spreads throughout the nation tomorrow, and we’re kicking off this sensational Kiwi innovation with a media & PR tasting event at The Grove restaurant. It's beautifully fitting, since it was one of the - if not the? - first establishments to serve Lewis Road butter in 2012.

A story comes full circle, and we haven’t compromised on our original mantra - a better butter. Two beautiful butters bookend our story thus far.

It goes to show that you can’t let anything stop you. And that stopping never serves you. I’ve noticed high energy bouncing around our team, and it’s invigorating to participate in a dynamic where everyone is feeding off each other’s strengths. We’re a team - it should be that way. Making each other better, feeding support and help when needing, providing fresh outside perspective to keep improving and pushing each other forwards.

Reflecting on our Chocolate Butter media release, a few key points shine through. 

1. We are innovators. It runs in our blood. Whichever piece of the puzzle you take care of, the pure excitement of bringing new, fresh, creative products to life whilst maintaining a stronghold in our principles of simplicity and the highest quality… well, that keeps us going.

2. The kitchen is where our heart is. No matter how this breathes true for you, it is indeed true.

3. We achieve the unachievable by working together. We have been more and more abuzz lately. Sharing insights, asking questions, speaking up. We aim beyond what others may deem as “incapable”, and we do it with Lewis Road finesse.

“Don’t let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity. It’s your place in the world; it’s your life. Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live.” - Mae Jemison, the first African American woman to travel in space. We can certainly take a lesson on breaking boundaries from her! 

Thanks for your fantastic work, and keep it up.