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The Unknown Ahead

Well, we cracked Custard. What a truly awesome response we’ve received this week! How wonderful it is, to hear countless comments applauding us for continually amazing New Zealanders - and the world - by rolling out one delicious innovation after another. 

One Roadie even tweeted, “In a world of Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Floods, and Donald Trump, Lewis Road Creamery gives us hope.”

Right on, dude.

So, just a few minutes ago we went live with our ‘Kapiti post’. I think this is an significant moment and that we need to pause for (half) a second. Let us recognise how important it is for us to stick to our guns and trust our gut. Refuse to let the Goliaths belittle us and to manipulatively try and out-play us. Hey Kaput & Pooh - you’re too little, too unoriginal, two years too late.

Intuition is both a puzzling and critical element to decision-making and how we venture forwards. Top pros in any field rely on intuition - which is a lifelong cumulation of mistakes, victories, marathons, and mixed outcomes… so much so that it becomes innate; an ingrained learning that fuels their decisions. We all bring different experiences to our Lewis Road kitchen table - different learnings from unique scripts throughout our lives. 

Whatever your gut tells you, it’s worth sharing. All of our experiences in sum become something greater, and make us as a Lewis Road team, invaluable and unstoppable.

The impossible becomes docile when your army is powerful. Powerful in numbers, in heart, in experience, and in a willingness to accept the unknown ahead.

The sheer breadth and passion of Roadie support is fantastic to engage with. I encourage you to scroll through some of the comments whenever you need that extra surge of motivation.

And hey - I’ve just checked again - and on our ‘Kapiti post’ we already have a few battling it out claiming to be our most loyal Roadie.

Plus a gem of, “Fonterra can go jump."