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Roadie Power

I want everyone, right now, to give yourself a huge pat on the back. Maybe a little rub of the shoulders. Straighten out with a sweet yoga stretch. Say out loud to yourself, “you freakin rock!”. Take a second to close your eyes, inhale, and exhale. All of you are outstanding. It has been a challenging fight for sure. (Get on our level Joe Parker!)

By not backing down or rolling over in a supermarket grave, by instead standing up for the little guys and for all that’s at the heart of New Zealand, we prove our formidable worth and merit. Along with a hefty dose of optimistic vigour, we continue to exert our collective brainpower and willpower (and we have lots of Will power!) to the max. 

And talk about inspiring Roadie power!

The responses we're receiving from our Roadie army are a tribute to every single one of you and your efforts.

We are effectively tapping into the muscle of our Roadies & appealing to the powers of NZ that be, and look at the instantaneous feedback! Our charge from the heart spread like wildfire. Please, if you haven’t already, do read through some of the supportive outcries on Facebook and Instagram. It fills you up with purpose and pride. It’s the fuel for us and our nation-wide engine!

David Brinkley once said, “A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her.”

Well I think we’ve been able to build an entire fortress - a stalwart that’s supremely great for fighting back.

Not everyone can pull off a marathon... (shout out to Liv) but us? We can. We are. And we’re racing through the hard part with grit, conviction, and class. They key is, you’ve gotta go at it hard, but you’ve gotta have fun with it. Take a glass-half-full-of-milk approach to every next shot you take. When they wing one back at you, you learn, you evolve. 

Even Darwin can vouch, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."

Lets stay agile and keep moving forwards. It’s not long now until you can kick back and enjoy a nice piña colada. Or two. Or five..

All hail to you all - the champions of innovation indeed.


lrd plot