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Launching Liqueur

Short weeks get wonderfully packed to the brim.

I hope everyone's ready to enjoy a relaxing long weekend because you better bring your A game on Tuesday! Liqueur is just around the bend - and honestly - let's take a second here - how freakin incredible is that! 

You all (yes you!) made it happen. These beautiful bottles of gold are filled with the best liqueur in the world and the world's gonna love it. All because our Lewis Road team brought it to life when no one else thought to, or had the stamina to. We who stop at nothing to innovate, lead by setting a prime example in all areas of our work, and never fail to surprise the flippin pants off of NZ.

We've grown up and grown proud as a hard-working and tight knit team since the launch of Fresh Chocolate Milk over two years ago. And this is exactly how it should be. Working closely together or not at all. Giving our all to ensure every last detail is cared for. Going that extra mile with plenty of smiles & bing bongs along the way. Brimming with pride about a company unlike any other, bringing quality and respect back to commoditised New Zealand products. It's a feat not many have under their belts. And finally, inspiring & delighting a nation who are constantly begging us to reveal what next we've got up our sleeves. 

It won't always be one roaring success after another, as is the nature of a fast-churning, plate-spinning business, but each little step and humongous leap of progress moves us forwards. And that, in its entirety, is what it's all about.

Love your work everyone! Keep it coming, keep moving, and recognise the value you bring to the table.