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Gold Nuggets

I was listening to Peter give one of his presentations today. Many of you have heard 'The Lewis Road Story' maybe once, maybe more than a few times. You'll notice that the heart of our story is always the same, yet - true to our nature - our story is always changing. Revamping. Being refined.

It's a beautiful thing. 

Take one look at the LRC journey and you'll find a surplus of golden nuggets along the way. Call me a gold digger but I love rediscovering them, shiny and new and radiant with the chance to apply their learnings with a fresh perspective. What makes us tick? How do we float on? How do we stay authentic whilst moving at lightning speed?

I’d like to remind you of a few. 

First of all, 

It’s never too late to start. 

And if you create something great, it never truly ends. It carries on, in one form or another, by those who you've inspired.

Lewis Road would have never got off the ground if someone had originally made a business plan. There would have been too many barriers to entry. Too many reasons to say no and dismiss it as a daredevil's dream. ("Take on Fonterra? You crazy!?") 

Thankfully Peter adopted the Spike Milligan approach,

“We haven’t got a plan so nothing can go wrong!”

Plan or not, be an eternal optimist and surround yourself with "yes" people. Those who are masters of getting things done, and pros at being positive (yet pragmatic). Avoid the naysayers and those who sleep with the rulebook under their pillows. In all areas of life, be with those who lift you up - and don't be afraid to lift yourself up too. You've got nothing to lose.

Earlier this week, we were talking about how it is such a pleasure to work with Moa as a Liqueur partner - their 'can-do' attitude makes all the difference. Ange was told that when they encountered Negative Nancy's and Neil's, they’d say to them,

"Well, do you want an innovator or not? This is what an innovator looks like.”



I hope all of you have fantastic plan-less weekends and embrace a taste of spontaneity. 

....Or, a taste of an espresso martini. That's us, gotta go!