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Chocolate Cream Liqueur

Kahlúa Coffee Cream Liqueur

Nutritional Information

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Country of Origin

Made in New Zealand.

Chocolate Cream Liqueur

We continue our mission to prove that New Zealand can produce dairy products to rival the best in the world with the launch of our fabulous Chocolate Cream Liqueur which, in proving its premium position has recently won Gold at the NZ Spirits Awards 2019. Combining our passion for dairy with our penchant for chocolate, Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Cream Liqueur is the perfect smooth and creamy blend of fresh New Zealand cream and real, rich chocolate with a touch of triple distilled premium spirits for a truly adult treat. 

Our bottle draws its inspiration from the very first milk bottles produced in the 1880s. Each bottle contains the Oritain traceability seal to certify authenticity and origin.


Tasting Notes

Nose: Fresh Hazelnut, white pepper, creamy cashew & cacao

Palate: Velvety mouth feel & creamy decadence developing into warm spice and rich layers of chocolate.

Nutritional Information

Servings Per Bottle : 0 Serving Size:

Country of Origin

Made in NZ from local and imported ingredients.

Kahlúa Coffee Cream Liqueur

Inspired by the high mountains of Veracruz, Mexico and the green pastures of New Zealand, we have re-mixed our fresh, rich cream with Kahlúa’s original and legendary coffee liqueur.

It’s the perfect blend of 100% Arabica coffee with subtle aromas of vanilla and chocolate combined with rich cream.

Tasting Notes:

A delicious infusion of fresh cream liqueur and Kahlúa. The richness of fresh cream carries the unique taste of Kahlúa’s full-bodied bittersweet Arabica coffee bean and roasted chestnut, with subtle hints of rum, vanilla and a hint of chocolate.

Best Enjoyed:

Simply over a cube or two of ice or the perfect cocktail addition.

As with all our after-hours drinks - be sure to enjoy our Kahlúa Coffee Cream Liqueur responsibly.

700ml Bottle

17% Alc/Vol

Chocolate Cream Liqueur

Kahlúa Coffee Cream Liqueur

Where to buy

Our new Kahlúa Coffee Cream Liqueur and Original Chocolate Liqueurs are available at either Glengarry’s (instore or online), Liquorland, Brews, Big Barrell or if you’re Wellington-based you can also pick up a bottle from Moore Wilson’s in Porirua. If your local liquor store doesn’t stock it, make sure you ask them to get some in for you to enjoy.

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How to enjoy

Delicious simply poured over a cube or two of ice, our new Cream Liqueurs are also stunning in cocktails, with coffee or over ice cream… the possibilities of these delicious evening tipples are endless. Try some of our fantastic cocktail ideas below. What will you come up with?


Chocolate Liqueur Hardshake – blitz up our Chocolate Cream Liqueur with Lewis Road Ice Cream. What's your pick - Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, or all three?

Lewis Road White Russian – Vodka + Chocolate Cream Liqueur + a touch of Lewis Road Cream to top off

Mocha Milkshake – Freeze Coffee Ice Cubes + Chocolate Ice Cream + Chocolate Cream Liqueur

Chocolate Liqueur Sunrise - Chocolate Cream Liqueur + blitzed Strawberries or Strawberry Liquor + Cream + Lemonade + Ice

Strawberry Muddle - Muddled Strawberries (or raspberries) at the bottom of a glass + Ice + Chocolate Cream Liqueur, add Soda Water for a longer drink

Chocolate Mint Mojito - Muddled Mint Leaves + Rum + Chocolate Cream Liqueur + Club Soda + Lime Juice + Cocoa Syrup (sugar, water, & dark cocoa powder mixed over heat); served over ice 

Chocolate Colada - Pineapple Juice + Coconut Rum + Chocolate Cream Liqueur + Coconut Cream

Chocolate Cream Punch - Cognac + Chocolate Cream Liqueur + Red Port + Iced Dark Chocolate + Simple Syrup

Chocolate Mint Julep - Mint Leaves + Chocolate Cream Liqueur + Rum + Soda Water + Ice

Chocolate Liqueur Martini 7 Ways

- Peppermint Schnapps + Chocolate Cream Liqueur + Chocolate Milk, shaken over ice

- Chili Spiced Hot or Iced Chocolate + Chocolate Cream Liqueur + Cinnamon + Brown Sugar

- THE JAFFA - Cointreau + Chocolate Cream Liqueur + Milk or Cream, shaken over ice

- THE PINEAPPLE LUMP - Gin + Pineapple Juice + Chocolate Cream Liqueur + Soda Water (to lengthen), shaken over ice

- THE BOUNTY - Coconut Rum + Chocolate Cream Liqueur + Milk or Cream + Shaved Coconut & Dark Chocolate for garnishing, shaken over ice

- Frangelico + Chocolate Cream Liqueur + Kahlua + Cream + a touch of Honey, shaken over ice

- Creme de Menthe + Chocolate Cream Liqueur + Cream

Adult's Only Banoffee: LRC Kahlua Cream + Absolut Vanilla + Havana Club 3 YO + Honey + Milk + A third of a banana. Full recipe here.

Salted Caramel Frappe - Kahlúa Coffee Cream Liqueur + Kahlúa Salted Caramel flavour Milk + Cold Brew Coffee. Full recipe here